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NEW in 2022

Animal Assisted Interventions™

Spring Creek Ranch is offering Animal Assisted Interventions and Therapies

through the use of our certified animal-handler teams


Ranch Paws®

Spring Creek Ranch is partnered with

Pet Partners® where we carry the Therapy Animal Program certification™ 


PAWS 4 People® where we carry the STEX certification™


as an affiliate of Animal Assisted Intervention International® 

where we carry certificate in their Animal Assisted Activities Program™

We proudly offer services, on site as well as services "where you are!" 

At our ranch, in healthcare facilities, at your home or on the go, we will meet your needs.

Licensed, bonded and insured.



Contact us and schedule your visit or request an animal assisted therapy at your care facility, today!

Join us!

Join as a volunteer or along with your pet, join our team as a team!


Our non-profit organization operates through the generosity of donations, large and small. Your consideration is greatly appreciated!


Partners, Sponsors & Collaborators

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

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