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Our Amazing Board of Directors @ Spring Creek Ranch

Rod Nielsen

Senior Chair

Rod has lived in Northern Minnesota, his entire life.  Exuding deep appreciation for Natural Resources and also a richness of life, Rod brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to Spring Creek Ranch in the way of natural resource management, financial responsibility and sound comprehension of state and federal tax and of state and federal law. 

Kyrra Nicole Valaree

Administrative Assistant

As a member of the United States Air Force, Kyrra is a disciplined and strong member of our board.  Harboring great respect for the role of discipline in work and at the various tasks required on a farm, Kyrra brings a refreshing approach to the responsibility of caring for the animals and their surroundings at Spring Creek Ranch.

Joyce Lewandowski


Joyce is a lifelong Minnesota resident with an eye for detail.  As a highly organized and efficient manager, Joyce oversees all secretarial aspects of running Spring Creek Ranch as a successful nonprofit.  

If we're looking for a needle in a haystack?  Joyce will find it .. with a smile on her face.

Kendra Kathleen Epiphany


As a lover of animals, a lifelong member of ASPCA and PETA, Kendra's role in Ethics on our board is invaluable.

Kendra's chill vibe and easy going nature make for pleasurable interactions between animals and humans alike, while on the farm, on the road or on the trail.


Heartfelt Thanks to our amazing Board

Through the amazingly generous donations of time, money, lessons, trials and errors and the like

the reality of 


was realized in 2017.

This couldn't have been possible without our board.

Thank you!

Your hard work, dedication and commitments are

appreciated more than words can express!

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