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Spring Creek Ranch 501c3 Liability Waiver

Agreement For Release & Waiver of Liability

I/my dependent fully understand that being around horses and horseback riding (which includes riding over fences, other obstacles, and sometimes rough terrain) are very dangerous activities. 

I wish to participate in these activities knowing they are dangerous. 

I accept and assume all the risks of injury (including death) to me/my dependent or my property.

In exchange for being permitted to participate in these activities, I/my dependents, heirs, guardians, and/or legal representatives together and independently release and agree not to hold liable or to make or bring any claim of any kind against Spring Creek Ranch 501c3 @ and within the vicinity of 3414 Pioneer Road, Barnum MN 55707, it's founders or volunteers, officers, directors, members, employees, or guests or any landowners, landholders or other persons owning property adjacent to or around the location of Spring Creek Ranch 501c3 for any injury (including death), to me or any damage to my property for any reason at all, whether personal or natural or otherwise that has occurred due to my voluntary participation in the known dangers of horseback riding or related activities at Spring Creek Ranch 501c3.

I also agree that if anyone independent of myself or my dependents makes any claim because of any injury to me (including death), or for any damage to others or any other personal property damaged by me or my dependents, I/my dependents release Spring Creek Ranch or (SCR)'s affiliates free of any damages or costs because of any additional or further claims.

Name of Parent or Guardian Signing this Form*


I/we understand the risks involved with horseback riding:*

Name of Legal Dependant/Participant*

Participant is a minor:*

Participant has special needs that may influence (his/her) ability to participate:*

If yes, please explain:

Please indicate your choice, as follows;*

Participation Date*

Emergency Contact:*

  • Spring Creek Ranch reserves the right to retain and use photos or videos taken during events in print and in social media.
  • Participants should be picked up promptly and at the time the session attended ends. Participants that are not picked up promptly will be charged a double session.


Subdivision 1.Definitions. (a) For purposes of this section, the following terms have the meanings given them.

(b) "Inherent risks of livestock activities" means dangers or conditions that are an integral part of livestock activities, including:

(1) the propensity of livestock to behave in ways that may result in death or injury to persons on or around them, such as kicking, biting, bucking, or charging;

(2) the unpredictability of livestock's reaction to things like sound, sudden movement, unfamiliar objects, persons, or other animals;

(3) natural hazards such as surface or subsurface conditions; or

(4) collisions with other livestock or objects.

(c) "Livestock" means cattle, sheep, swine, horses, ponies, donkeys, mules, hinnies, goats, buffalo, llamas, or poultry.

(d) "Livestock activity" means an activity involving the maintenance or use of livestock, regardless of whether the activity is open to the general public, and, except in the case of livestock grazing under clause (7), provided the activity is not performed for profit. Livestock activity includes:

(1) livestock production;

(2) loading, unloading, or transporting livestock;

(3) livestock shows, fairs, competitions, performances, races, rodeos, or parades;

(4) livestock training or teaching activities;

(5) boarding, shoeing, or grooming livestock;

(6) riding or inspecting livestock or livestock equipment; or

(7) the use of state property for livestock grazing, pursuant to an agreement with the commissioner of natural resources.

(e) "Livestock activity sponsor" means a person who sponsors, organizes, or provides the facilities for a livestock activity that is open to the general public.

(f) "Participant" means a person who directly and intentionally engages in a livestock activity. Participant does not include a spectator who is in an authorized area.

Subd. 2.Immunity from liability; livestock events. A nonprofit corporation, association, or organization, or a person or other entity donating services, livestock, facilities, or equipment for the use of a nonprofit corporation, association, or organization, is not liable for the death of or an injury to a participant resulting from the inherent risks of livestock activities.

§Subd. 3.Exceptions; livestock events. Subdivision 2 does not apply if any of the following exist:

(1) the person provided livestock for the participant and failed to make reasonable efforts to determine the ability of the participant to safely engage in the livestock activity or to determine the ability of the participant to safely manage the particular livestock based on the participant's representations of the participant's ability;

(2) the person provided equipment or tack for the livestock and knew or should have known that it was faulty to the extent that it caused the injury or death;

(3) the person owns or leases the land upon which a participant was injured or died because of a human-made dangerous latent condition and failed to use reasonable care to protect the participant;

(4) the person is a livestock activity sponsor and fails to comply with the notice requirement of subdivision 4; or

(5) the act or omission of the person was willful or negligent.

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